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Sanfeng Covanta Was Awarded for the Tender of Stoker and Complete BOP Sets of Equipment Supply for Luzhou Waste-to-Energy Project

      Recently, Sanfeng Covanta was awarded for the tender of stoker and complete sets of BOP equipment supply for Waste-to-Energy Project of Luzhou city, Sichuan province. The Contract was signed on July 2 with the owner namely Luzhou Xinglu Environmental Protection Development Co., Ltd, in Luzhou city. As the supplier of core equipment of Waste-to-Energy, Sanfeng Covanta will undertake the design, installation, commissioning, and a series of works which are in the delivery scope of this project.

      This Project is located in Xinle town, Naxi District, Luzhou city, Sichuan province, and core technology of German Martin SITY 2000 reverse-acting mechanical grate will be applied in this project with daily throughput 1500 t/d and is planned to complete construction and start operating in 2015. After its completion and start operating, the annual waste handling capacity will be over 500 thousand tons, and also it will provide 187 million KWh clean and renewable electricity. It will obviously contribute to energy-saving and emission-reduction. This project will ease the contradiction of huge land using of landfill in Luzhou city and land shortage during the developing of Luzhou city. The waste handling status in Luzhou city of the next 30 years will be changed by this project. It will promote the sustainable development of Luzhou city and also let citizens of Luzhou city enjoy a better and cleaner environment.



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