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EPC Contracting

1. Specialized Team

Sanfeng Covanta has over 200 professionals who have been engaged in WTE for many years in the fields of R&D, designing, procurement, construction supervision and commissioning, which majors are related to the execution of the general contracting of waste-to-energy projects.

2. Complete Qualifications

Sanfeng Covanta holds the most complete and highest rank qualifications (Class A of Environmental Engineering Design, Class B of Power Industry Design, Class A of Operation for Environmental Pollution Control Equipment, Engineering Consultation, Power Debugging, Overseas EPC Qualification, etc).

3. Advanced Management

To realize the reliable control of important factors of project management, such as quality, schedule and investment, etc., Sanfeng Covanta set up the project management system based on the POWERON software, which has improved the project management level.

4. Rich Experience

By the end of 2013, Sanfeng Covanta has undertook 15 waste-to-energy EPC projects, thus we have accumulated rich experience. Combined with the operation condition, Sanfeng Covanta continuously update and improve the design and construction supervision of new projects, which realize a virtuous cycle of industrial chain.



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